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441 Truck Repair Inc.

Orlando Florida Truck Repair and Trailer Repair Specialist

441 Truck Repair is Orlando FL Best Truck Repair Shop offering professional Semi Truck Repair, Trailer Repair and 24 hour Heavy Duty Truck Roadside Assistance. At our Truck Repair Shop we also offer a 24 hour Orlando Truck Stop, Trailer Wash, Truck DOT Inspection and Truck Tires.

Truck Repair and 24 hour Heavy Duty Truck Roadside Assistance

Do you need a reliable honest truck repair shop to help keep your truck on the road? Receive expert truck repair and truck tire replacement from our shop and mobile truck repair experts in Orlando Florida. You can get in touch with 441 Truck Repair Inc. via CB radio channel 25 or telephone for honest and convenient roadside repairs or make an appointment for the shop. We service companies like, United Van Lines®, U.S. Express™, Bekins®, and UPS™ Freight. Contact us today at (407) 826-5888 to arrange for our on-site truck repair services, Heavy Duty Roadside Assistance or Semi Truck and Trailer Towing, so you can get back on the road.

Truck Transmission Repair, Truck PM Service, Truck Collision Repair

Service your vehicle from bumper to bumper by turning to 441 Truck Repair Inc. Whether you're looking to recharge the AC system or rebuild the motor, we are your end-to-end repair shop. Our services include work on clutches, transmissions, brakes, diesel injection service, full PM service, certified paint and body man on site.

Truck Tires

Don't skid and slide your way into an accident because of bald tires. Eliminate your fear of hydroplaning with our quality selection of new and used tires. Choose from the top names in tires, such as Dynatrac, Dyna Cargo, GT, Goodyear™, OHTSU™, Michelin™, and Bridgestone™.

DOT Inspections

Bring in your truck for regular DOT inspections. Annual inspections ensure your vehicle is safe for traveling, so you won't be ticketed. At 441 Truck Repair Inc, we inspect both trucks and trailers and check and approve all necessary safety regulations.

Call us now at (407) 826-5888 or (407) 967-0975 after 5:30 PM in Orlando, Florida, for expert truck repairs that will keep you, your passengers and your cargo safe.

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